All life is a game of luck

There is one thing that you need to start expecting from life and that is not expecting anything good coming to your way. When it comes to life you should always follow the prudence concept that is taught in accounts. You are supposed to make sure that estimate for all loses way before then you realize any profit coming to your way. That is the sad reality of life. It doesn’t really matter what your thoughts are or what you do because at the end of the day usually what you get has nothing to do with hardwork really.

If you just look at the people who bought bitcoin way back in 2010, they didn’t really work hard or did research on it. They did something in haste and today their luck is right on their side. A lot of people spend all their lives finding the luck that they need in life in order to achieve something good but sadly that rarely happens. All life is a game of luck; you never know what is going to come your way. You can walk out of your home on any given day and see that all your life has changed forever.

There are a lot of things in our life that prove that life is just a matter of chance or luck. Your birth is the first thing that proves so, now you could have been born in a really rich family but you born in the one that you are right now. You never know how all your bad times go away once you win a lot of money while you are playing bola88, situs poker online or taruhan bola for the thousandth time when you have mentally decided that’s it’s last try.