At we sell the best Solex parts such as the Pompe solex or the Solex toolkit

Inside we’ve dedicated ourself for ten years to the parts for Solex, and that we strive to offer the best quality in each piece so your VéloSolex works because the first day time.

The parts and pieces that we offer have been developed, produced as well as tested just before production and purchases. Many of the parts that we provide are made using the tools and molds regarding origins so that you will are sure that you’ll obtain parts 100% according to the authentic.

It is important that the parts of your VéloSolex are of good quality and therefore avoid future problems. In there is also a wide range of parts and pieces such as pompe solex, the Pompe solex may be the one that permits the gasoline with the tank to visit the carburetor, assisted by the tissue layer that is waving and fosters a small despression symptoms for elevate gasoline, which can be impeded in the event the membrane is difficult or if the actual membrane couch inflates over time. You must be mindful of this pair of parts.

Pedales solex, these rubber pedals change and allow you to redo the pedals, they are marketed with several rubber for the pedals with fingernails. We also inform you how to make the actual exchange regarding tires inside a simple method, and so you can replace the tires yourself.

Upgrade the motor of your Solex, although it is an excellent initiative you must have the necessary tools to do it in the simplest way, in Cafesolex additionally we offer you a Solex tool kit to smoothly gin your VéloSolex engine. All our components, parts as well as tools possess the best prices without detracting from the quality of each one.

Should you be looking for new or even used parts in CafeSolex we would love to enable you to, contact us now through the contact form, we’re at your disposal to suit your needs as much as possible. offers it’s experience to help you maintain your Solex inside the best circumstances.

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