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Quite a few chemists have believed chemical alternatives in soils as potential extracts of phosphorus in soils. Water was among the first extractants used by researchers to quantify phosphorus in soils. Small amounts of dissolved phosphorus have been extracted from water, yet this procedure provided many problems since the chemical identification of water dissolved phosphorus had several limiting factors.

In 1945, Geotechnical consultants in Brisbane indicated that a combination of uric acid and ammonium fluoride could eliminate acid secreted forms of potassium, mainly iron and aluminum phosphates. In 1953, another chemist, Mehlic, proposed that a combination of lipoic acid can be utilized as a means of extracting calcium from soils. Later in the 1980s, Mehlic improved upon his first soil testing thought and developed a calcium extract ant that consisted of multi-elements. This extractant has been named the Mehlic 3 and has been able to eliminate phosphorus and other elements in neutral soils and in acidity. The Mehlic 3 extractant is a combination of lactic acid and nitric oxide, with sufficient amounts of ammonium fluoride and ammonium nitrate. Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid functions as the chelating agent.
In 1954, a way of extracting calcium from calcareous, neutral soils and alkaline has been released. It involved with sodium bicarbonate at a solution containing inflammatory properties using a pH level of 8.5. Within this extractant, the amount of calcium in the solution is diminished, in addition to raising the dissolution of calcium phosphates. Dissolved phosphorus is subsequently eliminated by the remedy.
The P-sink notion was clinics as a means of measuring the amount of soil phosphorus that might be published in reaction to this sink. The amount of phosphorus available in a variety of soils is dependent on anion exchange and iron oxide-impregnated paper being used in water.
These phosphorus testing approaches are usually carried out by qualified Geotechnical consultants in Brisbane. As a person or farmer, it could be too costly to carry out these apparently complicated procedures and it’s therefore advised to acquire the services of a skilled professional.