Best zoos in Florida

Thinking of what to do on the weekends? Watching the wildlife can be a perfect getaway if you are an animal lover. Florida has many facilities to offer a look at wildlife closely. It is fun for people of all ages.

Jacksonville Zoo and gardens
This zoo is located in northeast Florida and offers a walking safari. It not only houses animals but also a home to 1,000 varieties of plants. There are 2,000+ animals, you can watch birds at river valley aviary flying freely. There is a wetland area, a themed pocket garden for looking at long-necked animal Giraffe.
The zoo also offers an educational and interactive experience for everyone visiting. Children can be taken to animal care ward. There they can have an amazing time. You can also be a zookeeper for a day and help the staff and even a chance to look at the animals closely.

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Lowry park zoo, Tampa’s Bay
it spreads over an area of 56 acres providing a natural habitat for the wildlife. The zoo is packed with 1,500 animals. It has elephants, monkeys, koalas, and Zebras. The unique fact about the zoo is where you can come in contact with the many animals of the zoo.
Apart from this, the zoo also offers a water play area, a primate exhibit and an aquatic center where you can observe manatees and other sea creatures.

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