Carrageenan Is Suitable For Human Body Composition

In this modern world, we depend on food that is preserved or saved for a longer time. Certainly preserved food has additive and preservative material that is essential to use to safe the food in a better way. There are different kinds of preservative material used in many food products. We should be true to admit that these substances can cause some health issues and make food unnatural. Carrageenan is also one of those additive food materials that are extracted from seaweeds. Is carrageenan bad can be answered in following ways?

• In recent studies about carrageenan side effects it has been proved that the less than 5% consumption of cannot cause any major health issues.
• Carrageenan does not affect the nutrient approbation process.
• It has a property that it can be absorbed in human body tract that means the extra amount is easily removed from body via feces.
• Carrageenan that is used in food products are used with utmost care. Its chemical composition cannot cause any kind of cancer, tumor and genetic issues. So carrageenan cancer is not as such a reality.
• Carrageenan that is used in milk formulas for infants has been tested on baboons and it does not cause any reaction. And some results have been found when tested on a human baby.
Carrageenan is most frequently used preservative, additive and thickener in various food products. The most important thing is quantity of carrageenan. The consumption amount of carrageenan should not exceed then 5%. Otherwise, it can cause several health issues like
• Toxicity
• Problem in insulin resistance
• Inflammation
• Bowel problems
Human body is a perfectly balanced creation of nature. It has ability to resist many outer chemicals and privatives of food. This much small quality cannot cause any big issue. It is safe like other food additive; human body has capacity to tolerate its chemical composition.