Hidden Cameras and Nanny Cams – Unseen Surveillance

So you believe somebody is getting into your secret stash of Oreo’s? Afterward wifi hidden cameras (aka the infamous “Nanny Cam”) may be exactly what you want. From keeping your eye on the babysitter to tracking a sensitive area of your office, there are various applications for a concealed camera. As its name implies, a camera has been built into regular objects so it’s concealed. Some examples are a smoke sensor, lamp, air freshener, clock or just about anything else you can imagine.

There are basically three styles, if you may, of concealed camera. Wired wireless and also people who have the DVR built in.

Wired Cameras

The system would include this concealed camera, cable and either a DVR of all VCR. When buying the wired camera, the cable and also recording medium aren’t ordinarily included. You would ordinarily have the additional cost of the cable and utilize your current DVR or VCR. Trustme, the cable isn’t a budget buster. Typically, these cameras do not have motion detectors, so the recorder needs to be operating constantly. There are tapes available that can record for approximately 8 hours.

Still another use for wired programs is body worn applications. These would include such things as buttons, hats or sunglasses using a camera built in. These would record into a miniature DVR that might be at a fanny pack or backpack.

Wireless Cameras

This system would include the concealed camera using a transmitter and a receiver that would connect into the rear of your DVR or VCR. The receiver and transmitter are often contained in purchasing the camera. These cameras have a assortment of approximately 1000 ft. to approximately 2500 ft. based upon the transmitter. Again, these typically do not have motion detectors so that your recording medium will soon be recording constantly.