How to download YouTube Video to Android

Watching YouTube video is just one of our favorite pastimes in an Android phone or tablet computer, but doing this from variety of a Wi-Fi hotspot can put a heavy load on a mobile data link. Luckily, you may use a program like Tubemate to Save Any Video Online For Free for offline viewing.

If you’d like to download videos to something apart from an android apparatus, you may also see the way to download YouTube into an iPad or iPhone, and how to download YouTube into a PC or notebook.)

Since Google does not just approve of you by passing its platform for viewing video (also see is it lawful to get YouTube video?), you won’t locate Tubemate in Google Play. Regardless, it is a free program which we’ll explain to you the way you can side load in your phone or tablet computer.

In publishing this tutorial we don’t recommend the downloading of copyrighted videos from YouTube, also in our cases we’re using just video from our own YouTube channel.

Finest program for downloading YouTube: Tubemate

* Open the Preferences menu in your Android phone or tablet computer and go to Security, and then empower Unknown sources. This will Make It Possible for you to install apps from external Google Play; which it’s disabled by default option will be to shield you, so we recommend disabling that toggle Once You’ve installed Tubemate

* Now open your internet browser and then head You would like to install the most recent version of the program (now 2.4) from among those supported websites listed here. That is simply because in downloading apps from external Google Play you hazard potentially downloading anything malicious which is masquerading as a real app
* Also notice that since you’re side loading the program it will not be automatically upgraded together with the other apps in your phone every time a new version is published. If Tubemate ever stops working for you, go here and put in the upgrade iPhone is accessible

* We have selected Android Freeware. Click on the link to Save Any Video Online For Free, and then press the gloomy Install program button. You Will Be cautioned that this Kind of file may harm your device, but go ahead and press OK anyhow

* After the file has downloaded you will see a notification from the drop-down pub near the peak of the display. Harness this telling and your device should open the Downloads folder on your device