How to get best value from gold buyers Melbourne

If you make proper plan for selling your gold, then you can get good value. To sell gold Melbourne you need to follow the steps mentioned below.
1. Organize your gold so that you don’t waste buyer’s time. Time is money; if you save his time, he will give you good value for your gold. To organize you need to remove all the fake items from the gold. It includes any artificial gems. If the gold has real diamond or other expensive stone, you need to remove it. You can later sell the diamond or precious stone to respective seller. Selling diamond to gold buyers Melbourne will just ruin your opportunity to have good price for it. You need to sell the gems to respective buyers for competitive prices.

2. Next you need to sort the gold out according to karat. Karat means purity. When you buy gold, it comes with a label according to the purity. You need to put all the same karat labeled pieces together. It will save you time. You can also get estimated quote on a phone if you sort your gold properly.
3. Last you need to measure the gold. You can use the measuring scale at post office. Make sure it is safe time when you go to post office. Avoid going to post office at peak hours. Do ask the staff at post office about accuracy of measuring machine. You need accurate weight in grams and point in order to get quote. Once you have these details you can call up different gold buyers and get quotes. If you find best quote then you can arrange a meeting and sell your gold. You will then get cash for gold Melbourne. You can also try making fortune by selling old gold to a good buyer.
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