Is low priced whey protein any good?

Body fortress. Six star Nutrition. You must have seen these brands either online or at Walmart. Since they retail for less than $20 for their 2 lbs. tubs, they have come to be known as budget proteins. But, at those kind of prices, are they really good protein.

Well, to answer your question, we have to answer it by answering a completely different question. The question we will answer is “Is Body Fortress or Six Star Nutrition whey protein cheaper than Optimum Nutrition”. The technical answer is that they need not be cheaper?

Are you surprised or shocked? Well, it is true. You see, the cost of whey protein powder boils down to the cost of a single protein gram you pay. In brands like optimum nutrition, especially when you buy the 5 lbs. or 10 lbs. models, the cost of a single protein gram is a lot lower than the cost of a single protein gram in a 2 lbs. Body Fortress or Six Star Nutrition tub.

Sure, you will have to shell out $40 or $50 to buy Optimum Nutrition than the $20 or less that you spend on Six Star or Body Fortress. But, you must look at the mileage your dollar gives you. If the amount of protein can be considered as miles and the cost of protein can be considered the cost of gas, the simple conclusion is that a car running on optimum nutrition will take you further down a mile for a single dollar of gas that you pay. Just that you will have to tank up your car with $40 worth of gas as opposed to just $20 with six star or body fortress.

So, the next time you shop for cheap whey protein, first analyze and understand if the protein indeed is cheap. Then decide if the cheap whey protein is worth buying.