Journey of Recorded Sound Reproduction from Past to Present

Sound reproduction-an overview
The purpose of reproducing recorded sound was to spread music across the globe when it was first made possible by Thomas Edition in 1877. The device used for this purpose could record sound into a physical form that could be reproduced by replaying at any location. The first invention that made it possible for masses to record audio into a portable format initiated with the creation of vinyl album that carved intricate sound wave structure into grooves in a large disc, a common 12-inch LP vinyl record and the device used to play vinyl record got famous by the name vinyl record player. Then came an advance era of magnetized cassette tapes using same audio signals, but lost its hold in three decades when digital technology overpowered the preceding reign with its power of high technology.

Commonness of turntable record players- past and present
Turntables were very common many decades ago. Journey of turntables hasn’t come to an end, but these have attained the status of a vintage. You can still find a piece one to which you can call as the best turntable. It’s a viewpoint to rate an article and there are people who love vintage. If they find vintage record player for sale, they wouldn’t mind buying it at any price. It would be wrong to say that traditional turntables can’t offer superior sound effect. Listening a music that was recorded many decades ago on a traditional turntable music player would produce more effect of the past time than playing it on a digital device. The vintage turntables are available and you can pick them online through

The future of turntables
Though digital world has reigned the traditions of sound recording and reproduction, yet the image of turntables can’t be erased completely from the minds of contemporary and future generations and there will be at least a few, if not more, aficionados of these old-fashioned devices.