Proximity marketing beacons to assure customers its function

A tiny and small wireless device is known as proximity beacons. proximity marketing beacons ns are prime to get back the old customers along with the current one. The strategic in store experience is combined with personalized engagements. Retailers can send direct recommendations to the customer’s phones. The technology of beacons can guide the retailers also as well as shoppers. They help them find the most sought after device, wherever it may be placed.

Proximity marketing beacons and effect of technology
• During the year 2014 beacon is being installed in stores, which is the largest beacon installation in that period of time.
• After testing it successfully, later on, installed in all big retail stores to avail the technology. The apps will show the discounts, offers, deals, and promotions.
• In the year 2016, around 5000 U.S stores have adopted beacon technology. The infrastructure for the connected in a store environment is created. In the Beaconprogram, 42 million people are an active user.
• Proximity marketing beacons that they have a technology called target. Target will send only a few notifications during shopping. So customers are little subdued. This includes discounts and deals.

Urban and beacons connection
Beacon technology is adopted by urban in earlier stages by urban industry after the launch of beacons, Urban retail shops installed to have in store experiences. This is better than aggressive marketing strategies. The mostly store is equipped with beacons in three major areas of the store, the trial room, exit, and entrance.
This technology mainly helps the retailer to have a tailor made customer. The customer’s proximity to the store can be triggered by the Beacons technology. With this technology, shoppers are benefitted, as they can shop in right place. Proximity marketing beaconshelp in maintain a loyal relation between customer and retailer.

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