Roles and Responsibilities of a Psychologist

Psychology was considered a relatively dangerous area couple of people decades back. The primary reason being that if you visit a psychologist you are deemed to be a mentally unstable or dangerous person to deal with. Thanks to the modern society and hectic lifestyle, this is no longer true as many people are feeling the need to visit a psychologist on a needed basis to deal with everyday stress and problems in work and personal life. Talking about counseling and psychology, one cannot simply keep betterhelp out of the discussion.

Let us quickly walk you through some of the roles and responsibilities of a psychologist.

• There are two types of psychologist on a very high level viz clinical psychologist and counseling psychologist. Well synonymous with the name, clinical psychologist primarily deals with more severe and highly dangerous cases. Whereas counseling psychologist deal with common men who are prone to more stress and tension in their day to day life.

• Be it any psychologist, his intention is to make the patient calm and relaxed and keep him in his comfort zone. There should be a good equation and synergy between them for the counseling / treatment to be effective.

• Psychologist will always try to bring your positive attitude and thoughts to the forefront and will try to overcome all negative impressions and issues you are facing.

• Most of the time counseling happens one to one but in rare cases it will be a group session where people with similar needs will be addressed together.

• Marriage based counseling is by far the most famous and common counseling these days. The counselor will do all he can to see if their relationship can pursue further. But in rare cases when pursuing is not good for either of them, he will amicably sort out the differences and help in their smooth transition to the next stages of life.

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