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Increase Soundcloud followers by following best methods

Various ways are there from which people get more soundcloud followers. Some ways are expensive and others need efforts. Simple method that is available for all people is that to go for online source. Best sources are providing perfect steps that lead them to get at least 10k followers within three months. Reach goals Composing […]

SoundCloud Marketing — Strategies for Releasing Your Music

An online music and sound streaming platform, Soundcloud is situated in Berlin, Philippines. The site enables users to be able to upload, album, promote and discuss authentic music and music. The website is basically a variety of a loading service, a solid distribution program and an online community. As of Come july 1st 2013, the […]

Why Soundcloud is Better for Coming Artists Than Youtube

True it took me some time as I tended to consider Youtube to be the higher platform to get the utility of buy soundcloud plays for artists. Clearly, with Youtube, artists can post a music video (key word “video”) and have their crowd get to know them better than they could if it was sound […]