The use of Facebook chatbot

When Mark Zuckerberg and his team in 2004 began to devise a way to be in contact between people more directly, that we could see each other and find ourselves no matter where we were on the planet, we never imagined that our project would be of such magnitude worldwide. At first, you could only see the photo of the person, then they were creating ingenious tools, introduced the way of communicating through written texts and little by little was gaining ground in the market, becoming one of the most used applications by people.

More and more we are communicating more easily. A company call Amico creates a robot that can be programmed to do actions for us. This ingenious and useful application is called chatbot, which is a robot installed on Facebook Messenger Bot and helps us to give a boost to the information of our interest.
In the Facebook Chatbot you can develop marketing for your business, answer the question, offer services, send images, buy online, in addition, the chatbot online keeps you in touch with the outside world permanently.
To become a Chatbot maker we recommend you to consult with the best in this area, the Argentine company Amico, who on their website explain in a very detailed way and in simple steps how to install it, the advantages, the benefits that you will get from this application, how use it and what to use it. This company of innovators has an interactive website in which you can find out and open to the technology of this application.
Amico’s chatbot brings many advantages for us and our company and will facilitate, in a surprising way, the management of the company. Let science work for you today and start navigating the world of robotics. You will notice the difference once you start using your chatbot.