The Whip Posse Section of is Eye-Popping has taken womens ice hockey to a whole new level so that many new offerings are brought by it periodically for the players and customers to enjoy the game. Feature like the whip posse is a completely new concept that has been brought forth by the site. It is very encouraging for a hockey player and a fan to get gears from the site and strike a pose with it. Enthusiasts of the sport can look forward to get their pictures published on the site that can help to get them motivated. Through this initiative, has helped many players and fans realize themselves. It is very heartening to see one’s photo being published over a prestigious site. Some other positives from this activity are also detailed below.

• Provides encouragement – A player or a follower can be highly encouraged looking at a picture of him being featured on a reputed site. It can immensely benefit a person to further in life and can act as an impetus of growth. This type of encouragement is also highly recommended and helps a person tremendously.
• Helps improve self-esteem – For an ice hockey fan, posing with a women’s hockey stick can be very cool and more so if that picture is published on a very well-known site like It can massively improve upon the self-esteem and self-belief of the person and can help her in realizing her potentials.
• Helps being socially active – Also, getting a picture posted with a, say, women’s hockey equipment can act as a source of getting free publicity so that many people can take notice of and that might be helpful. Linking the picture with a social media channel can help to boost the number of likes that are always solicited.
These types of innovative activities brought forth by the site helps to attract people who might visit the site initially for a product but will definitely be permanent customers in the long run.