Top factors to consider before changing drug testing programs

Drug testing programs are common in most organizations. The programs are put in place in order to screen employees for different types of drugs including prescription or medical drugs. The common drug testing programs used by organizations include the 5-panel drug testing and 12-panel drug testing. The 5-panel drug testing programs primarily test prohibited or illegal drugs while the 12-panel tests prescription drugs. Although the 5-panel drug testing programs are very common, organizations nowadays consider the option of expanding their testing programs to include 12 panel drug tests. Before expanding any drug testing program, an organization should first evaluate changes to their programs and should consider three important principles in their new testing practices.

These principles include safety, operational impact and risk. As far as safety is concerned, organizations must understand that the main goal of changing their drug testing programs is to produce an improved environment where employees can work safely. With operational impact, organizations must determine the costs involved in changing from 5-panel to drug testing for 12 drugs. The costs in this case can be indirect or direct and before applying the changes, organizations must determine whether this will be both practical and feasible. What organizations should note is that the differences in cost between the old and new testing program will vary from one provider to another.

There is also a risk in changing a drug testing program. It is important that the changes to be made conform with clearly established and defined standards as well as contractual obligations. This is very important to ensure that the legal defensibility, compliance and integrity of the new 12 panel drug test are not put at risk. A trustworthy drug testing application should be able to produce reliable and fair results. These results must be trusted to accurately identify any risk and should be defensible enough so that any action can be taken with confidence. click here to get more information