What are the benefits of proximity marketing and its various features?

Marketing technique and the planned strategy is the only thing that can help the businessmen to reach the higher level of success in the business world. Many innovations are continuously made in the products to increase the fondness of buyer to buy the particular product which is advantageous to them only in future. The proximity marketing technology gives the profitable results if used carefully and strategically. In the online world if you want that the buyer should automatically be drawn towards your product then the advertisement is essential. An advertisement should also be done smartly through the use of technology.

• Many people use various sources of promotion. Many new sources are introduced in the market which helps you to broadcast your services.
• Proximity marketing is done through the specific device that is called proximity beacon, and it is transferred through proximity gems.
Benefits: –
There are many benefits of using this device which is as follows: –
• An individual can broadcast the desired or created message through the Bluetooth services.
• The major advantage is that it does not need more space. It is a small wireless device that can be kept anywhere, and it does not have any possibility of a disturbing connection.
• Anyone passing by within the 100 m range of the device immediately gets the message on their smart phones.

This only needs the Bluetooth turned on, and it may be possible when the person does some deals or transmitting /sharing some photos in the public place and when the proximity marketing tool detects the device the message shall be forwarded automatically. This increases awareness among people about the particular deals offers and services present. This may prove profitable for buyer and sellers too. This technology is mostly used by the mobile or online shop retailers to make aware most of the people nearby locality. In this way, they can advertise and broadcast the prior services to the people.