What are the main features you must shop for, when buying a paintball mask?

We will quickly run you through the main features that you must keep an eye out for, when you buy a paintball mask. We will go over it very quickly now.

Do you wear glasses?
If you do, this is the first factor you must consider. Not all masks allow you to wear it over glasses. If you use prescription glasses, you probably can’t play without your glasses and it will make no sense to buy a mask that is too tight or without clearance for glasses.
Paintball Gun Doc’s buying guide very nice lets you know whether many of the popular masks will allow for glasses to be worn under them in their best paintball mask buying guide. You can use this guide to rule out many masks easily, so your shortlisting becomes easier.
Visor quality
Next factor you must consider is the quality of the visor. Does it have anti-scratch protection? Does it have anti-glare protection? Does it have UV protection? What is the field of vision like? Does it allow peripheral vision? As you can see, the choice of visor and its quality plays a huge role in how well your mask will work for you, in the heat of the moment, during an intense paintball mask. Also, remember that a paintball mask visor will often be designed in such a way that it can be removed. So, sometimes, you can buy a paintball mask and just change out the visor, if you like the mask but for its visor.
Comfort level
Comfort is very important. While also publicly sold paintball masks offer some kind of protection, not all of them are great on comfort. If you are peeved by tight fitting masks that don’t let you breathe or take aim comfortably, don’t buy that particular mask. Generally, the higher priced masks are the most comfortable ones.