What you should know before downloading movies online

While many people simply prefer streaming movies online, there are many who prefer downloading movies through torrenting. Torrenting is generally illegal, and if you are not careful enough, this will lead to many viruses in your computer. While many websites where you can watch movies online for free allow you to download the movies, this is also not recommended. Downloading movies directly onto a computer increases your chances of getting viruses on the computer and lawsuits. Most of what is available on these websites infringe copyright laws and if you are caught, a possible jail time and/or stiff fines await you.

Despite this, millions of people all over the world torrent on a daily basis so that they can find the best TV shows and movies to watch for free. If you decide to torrent, make sure to install the torrent client. This will provide you with a way of downloading torrents and be able to convert the torrents into formats you can easily watch. Torrents do not share a central server since they offer a way of sharing information from thecomputer to computer. There are many clients available online for free, and it is a matter of finding the best if you want to watch free movies.
If you want to watch tv shows free through torrenting, consider finding torrent tracker sites. These websites basically list all available torrents online. If you use tracker sites, make sure they are reliable and easy to navigate. The sites should also have many links to choose from. Good sites are not cluttered with annoying advertisements, and these are the sites you should use. Basically, understand that you do not have to download a movie or TV series if you can simply stream it. But if you decide to download, make sure you are doing it safely and legally.