Why do you need to think twice before buying Instagram Likes?

Instagram is a cell phone based social photo sharing site where you can click and upload pictures. You can also edit the pictures with the cool set of editing tools available in it. Photo editing and sharing had never been more fun before Instagram. People earn likes and followers on the basis of how cool their photo and editing is. But nowadays many people use unethical means to gain followers. They buy Instagram likes with money to gain followers and boost their popularity.

This method is mainly adopted by business firms who use Instagram as a marketing platform. It might look very tempting to buy thousands of likes instead of growing real followers slowly, but it does not help in the long run. The main motive to buy likes is to enter the “Popularity Page” in Instagram. Once you succeed to enter the page, you can enjoy its benefits for a week. It is in this page that you can gain maximum number of followers. So these companies buy Instagram likes to gain entry into this page and increase their fan base. But this process may become quite expensive as they have to buy likes repeatedly since the entry a criterion is based on likes per followers.

Also, buying fake followers does not really improve the potential clients of the company. For that you need to build real followers slowly over a long period of time. Most of the fake followers fill up the posts with spam links. These spam posts might drive away potential clients and true followers. Also the company’s credibility might come under question when you fail to deliver clients in spite of having a large number of followers, since most of them are fake followers. So, think twice before you decide to buy Instagram likes. click here to get more information automatic instagram.