Why Guest WiFi Is Good For Business

“You walk into a business but have no mobile sign, fortunately you get offered amazing guest wifi on your mobile device and, better yet, they inform your that now they have a special offer on a product that you wish to purchase….Amazing!”

Imagine if you were able to give your customers with a rich experience of your brand using their mobile device that works that easily. With Guest Wi-Fi that is achievable, so that if a customer visits your hotel, event you are hosting, retail outlet…basically some ‘bricks and mortar’ business you’re able to participate together. And you also get increased customer insight and grow your own database.
Customers receive VIP Wi-Fi service out of you and consequently you have a lot of methods to interact with your customers. Those interactions could be if a key speaker in a seminar is starting, exactly what exactly the evenings’ menu is going to be, the way to get a special deal as a faithful returning customer, a coupon to redeem in shop….endless combinations and chances!
Is WiFi Marketing A Relevant Service For Your Business?
In our experience the businesses that profit the most from guest wifi as a customer benefit, Have a Tendency to be businesses who have plenty of traffic to their premises or who pass nearby:
• Hotels
• Corporate Events & Seminars
• Educational Centers
• Music Festivals
• Multiple Retail Chains
• Restaurants
• Clubs
• Dental Practices
• Independent Retailers
• Museums
Our specialist technical staff by our partner Vidazone will examine your business premises, place or outdoor website and advise how to provide a solution tailored to your requirements. The staff can advise and supply alternatives for internal IT cabling, external broadband and adjusted data circuits for bigger setups. All to make sure that you and your customers have a seamless Wi-Fi encounter, possibly even in the center of a field in Hampshire!