Why Is Dr Brown Fles A Good Baby Bottle?

All parents want the best for their babies, especially when it comes to nutrition and feeding. Choosing a top-quality, vitamin and nutrient rich milk formula plays a part in this. However, it doesn’t stop there. Choosing a good baby bottle like Dr brown fles will also affect your infant’s growth. Did you know that necessary vitamins and nutrients – vitamins A, C, E, as well as lipids – deteriorate within 20 minutes when placed inside a regular milk bottle? This means, from the time you’ve made the formula to the time your baby feeds, the milk could have already lost the essential nutrients your child needs to grow properly.

To add to this, when your child feeds from the rubber nipple it creates a natural vacuum inside regular bottles. There’s nowhere for excess air to go. Not only does this introduce more oxygen to the milk, creating a prime environment for milk deterioration, it also allows your child to ingest more air while feeding. This increases the chance of colic and gas.

So what makes a good baby bottle? The number one thing to look for is a good airflow system. Bottles like Natural Flow have two-piece internal ventilation systems in the bottle. The system prevents milk oxygenation, preserving essential vitamins and nutrients. The system also prevents air packets from forming in the milk. This will help prevent your baby from ingesting too much air during feeding time. This means your baby will be less glassy and less prone to spit-ups. Dr brown fles also mimics natural breast feeding, as the nipple is non-collapsible and vacuum-free. The overall design of the bottle makes it more comfortable for babies to drink milk. To add to this, Dr brown fles has been awarded the Baby Best award for Baby Bottles 13 years in a row. So, they simply are the best.

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