Why Soundcloud is Better for Coming Artists Than Youtube

True it took me some time as I tended to consider Youtube to be the higher platform to get the utility of buy soundcloud plays for artists. Clearly, with Youtube, artists can post a music video (key word “video”) and have their crowd get to know them better than they could if it was sound alone (or so I believed). It is possible to definitely post sound alone on YouTube with some fine cover art and that may work. Nevertheless, YouTube presents more problems than it solves.

Ok, perhaps only most music videos even by artists signed to the majors blow. The matter is the production value of the unsigned artists videos is generally manner lower than say, because the video funding is closer to $0 $20,000. As we’ve seen excellent low budget videos from indie artists surely there happen to be astonishing exceptions to this. Yet this isn’t the standard.

So as an indie artist you’ve got to believe what is the chance that I will make a fantastic video that can capture the feeling of the tune? Second, you’ve got to ask yourself “how many times can I do this?” Significance, in case your record has 12 songs is it possible to put out 3 or 4 or 12 videos that are amazing to promote it? You can likely get away with one or two no/low budget videos but after that you’ll need to either start setting in a few thousand dollars or get truly creative. Is this realistic? Is this clever? How will you be able to still assemble an audience and save money?