WWE Rumors rings the best professional wrestling

wwe rumors which basically deals with world wrestling business. The revenue will be generated from product sales, video games and film music. By the year 2016, it has become largest promotion in wrestling around the globe. The main headquarters of the company is located in Stamford Connecticut. This is having its branch offices all major cities of the world.

WWE news and its acknowledgement
• Basically, WWE is not professional wrestling contest rather it’s entertainment-based wrestling. This has a proper choreography, storyline and scripted also.
• Though some risky movements are also included if not performed perfectly can be injurious also.
• During the year 1989 Vince McMahan, owner of the WWE acknowledged it publicly so that can be exempted from tax by the athletic commission.
• The product is branded as entertainment based since 1980.
• According to WWE new, the owner or the CEO of WWE owns voting power of 96% and 70% of WWE equity.
History of the name WWE
• In the year 1999 world wrestling federation, the name is derived; previously it was Titan sports founded in the year 1979.
• Finally, in the year, 2002 world wrestling entertainment Inc. is the name suggested. This is the year 2011 it is renamed as WWE. T
• Separate rosters are created during the year March 2002. To set the rosters a draft lottery was done, at the beginning of 2002.the third brand of WWE is launched during the year 2006 in the month of May, named ECW.
• Some news came up that the employee of WWE and also a WWE champion has been charged with harassing his co-workers by scolding them, with some of their claims.
• Though the chairpersons were not very much concerned with this kind of WWE News, in the year 2017.